Friday, December 17, 2010

and still more winter!

This has been the crazies winter I have ever experience here in Germany. We have NEVER, in the 40 years I've lived here, that my area has had so much snow and for so long. So many accidents, too. Trucks are getting stuck, in some parts they have closed the Autobahn to all truck traffic. Of course that means no deliveries of stuff, including gas to the stations. Air traffic is also slowed... de-icing fluid is running out of stock, as are snow shovels at the stores.

Normally we get maybe one or two days of wet, mushy, dirty snow, then weeks of nothing. But last season we got lots and now this season is outdoing it already.

But I must admit, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

The drive to my village....

a Catholic church I walk past every day...(this was taken at 07:00 am)

Out shopping mall...

Our Christmas market...(with the snow shoveled away, not melted)

I set up my Christmas tree today... it's not decorated yet, though. And I have a surprise over-night guest. My oldest granddaughter, Tamara, has been wanting to spend the night with me and so my daughter suggested tonight. OK, no problem with me! She's now sound asleep in the big guest bed....and tomorrow we'll decorate the tree.

It's now my bed time...



  1. Great photos Dorrie! The best to you and yours for the holidays!

  2. Hi Westy. I just lover that first photograph. It sure is cold there.

  3. Nice looking drive, but I guess you have seen enough of it for now. All of it looks great. They seem to do Christmas well there. Probably where most of our traditions came from.
    Keep it between the lines, and don't skateboard or ride a motorcycle to work until it is gone.

  4. The first photo is beautiful! And Christmas market looks so fun.