Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 Part I

Having two sets of grandkids, and enjoying separate visits with both, I'll make my Christmas entries at least a two parter. So here's part I:

Christmas Eve / Christmas day
Christmas Eve my son-to-be-new-son-in-law, Sven, picked me up so I wouldn't have to drive in the very snowy and icy roads. We have had more snow this year then EVER and yes, we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Sven's parents were also visiting. Following German tradition, presents were opened Christmas Eve, after attending a children's church service, and then we had the huge Christmas dinner, lovingly prepared by my daughter. Here are some pictures to enjoy...

Emely sees the presents under the tree for the first time...

Once again the kids got spoiled rotten! lol

and around midnight it snowed some more (that's Sven's mom)....

and this is what the balcony looked like the next morning...

After breakfast on Christmas day Regina drove me back home and in the afternoon son Carsten came to my place with family for dinner (and report Part II later).

I hope all of you had as great a Christmas as mine was!!



  1. looks like the stuff of story books.
    That must have been great, all the snow, and the kids and family. Good to see the fun.

  2. You must have gotten our snow, Dorrie, we have almost no trace of it :-)

    Merry Christmas1

  3. Nothing like the smile on a little kids face on Christmas morning. And that snow...WOW! Picture post card material for sure.

  4. We still haven't had any significant snow...I'm ready for one big blast...they need to get the show on the road darn it! Kids and Christmas YAY!!!!