Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Perks ... and TGIF!

Another very busy week is over.... and I intend to do NOTHING particular this weekend except some paperwork I've been procrastinating about.

Sometimes my job offers some pretty good perks. One of those happened this past week. A former traffic controller friend from Frankfurt tower offered my office a tour of the new Frankfurt tower, which is presently being built. We of course jumped at the chance and had a nice field trip there last Tuesday. Here are a couple of pictures I took....

looking east...

looking south... and you can see the present tower in the background....

looking west...the brownish area is the new runway under constructio...

me, standing behind the controller tables. They not only have the monitors you see, but also touch-screen ones built into the tables (seen covered with those yellow papers).

We happened to catch the only day this week with good weather and great visibility... it's been cold and rainy all week and we may soon get our first snow.

That's all from my world for now. Because of being busy I not only don't get around to writing much but also not to visiting many journals.... sorry.



  1. Lots of interesting little bumps in the third photo :-)

  2. thanks guys!

    Doug, those "bumps" are windows and vents on the rook of a few hangars and buildings. In fact, those buildings belong to Lufthansa and contain offices and simulators.
    In the top photo you can see the terminal buildings, though not very clear on this small size. I have many more pictures but couldn't post all.

    More photos here:

  3. I am delighted you are taking some time to relax and do "not much!" you more than deserve this.

  4. A very good job to be sure. Doesn't sound undemanding, though. But that's part of what makes it good.

  5. Woweee ! These are all great shots...and look at go, girl :) Oh I wish I could fly....

    Well your weekend is over as it's Sunday a.m. here in Florida.... have a splendid week ahead, and be safe!

  6. Great post. Good to see you.

    Any Germans in the area? Watch out!!!


  7. If they need a good Ramp Boss, mention me to them, would you? :)


  8. hi Lowandslow! what a surprise to see you around! {hugs}

    thanks everyone for your comments... as usual, I've been busy :-(