Monday, July 12, 2010

Still internet Issues.....oh, well

Yep, I still don't have a land-line phone and internet connection in my new apartment, but luckily t-com sent me an internet "stick" for free. But it's not as fast I'm used to and makes surfing a pain. But at least it allows me to stop by and read... maybe even leave a comment.

My apartment is really starting to look great!

Here's a pic of Regina's car getting towed away... the day before the movers came!

This is how my kitchen looked the first days....

It's now finished enough that I was able to cook in it yesterday! yoooohoooo I'll post more pictures when I get them uploaded....

The heat wave we've been having doesn't make working on things easier. It's been almost 2 weeks of 30+°C (86°+F), at times near 100°F, weather plus high humidity is so unusual! Just a few weeks ago it was cold and rainy. Germany even had some tornados touching down today and heavy thunder storms here and there....none at my place, though. Air conditioning in some of Germany's high speed trains broke down, causing temps up to 50°C (122°F) in the trains! Needless to say, there are lots of questions to be answered.

And there's no air conditioning in my office building. Some people have set up ventilators.

Well, I've got more boxes to unpack... today Wheelie managed to get the rest of the kitchen cabinets installed, except for the oven! Yay for Wheelie!

Before I forget....


And tomorrow is Regina's birthday.....



  1. Your pictures did not show up either on KCL or here :(

  2. odd, they show up for me. humpf...

  3. Yep, no pics....Hopefully you resolve your internet issues soon!!!

  4. For the first time in my long life I have a brand new laptop and super high speed internet hooked together. No pix, and I don't blame my own stuff this time. Somewhere I had seen you post a link to them, so I suggest you post it here too. Cherers.

  5. fin, oddly I can see the photos normal in all the sites I posted in! Really weird...

    The link is:

  6. FYI, two photos now visibe. Sometimes when you can see them and others cannot, they are in the cache of your own puter I suspect.

  7. I can see your pics. It must be that heat!! Well, I'm glad you are getting everything arranged. I'm sure your place will be so comfy once you get everything put away and decorated.