Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to blogging... maybe

Today I finally got my land-line connected! I longer have to depend on the (slow) computer stick... and it seems to be fast enough (in this small villiage it almost didn't have internet at all). I took the day off work today so the guy from Telecom could come and do his stuff.... and he got it connected with no problems at all.

The funniest thing is my new number. When I first read the letter with my number, I could hardly stop laughing! And everyone I told it too laughed as well.

Obviously I have a new prefix... no biggy. And the first 3 digits are nothing special: 740 (ok, my son was born in 1974 so that makes it easy to remember). Then the last 4 digits.....

My office: -6015 My home phone: -6015 !!

Honestly, I didn't request it! And it means that, even after I retire, I'll still have those digits to remind me of my job! I could probably change it if I wanted, but I think I'll keep it.... those 4 digits were mine for that past 15 years anyway! lol

I LOVE my new apartment!! It's coming along fine, still some boxes to unpack. Wheelie did a FANTASTIC job on installing my kitchen. Sorry, no decent pictures yet but I'll get around to posting some soon, I promise!

I really live in the country now. The farmers are harvesting the fields all around my town. We're still having a heat wave with temps between 90°-100° F... only one day of very heavy thunder storms in 3 weeks. This is so unusual. So the farmers are harvesting earlier then normal. After a very cold and wet spring, causing some crops to be lousy, it is now hot and dry and the wheat, corn, and other produce are not growing! Looks like price increases coming on.... *sigh*

Well anyway, that's a "short" update of what's been going on in my world. Yes, I've been reading blogs and even commenting (rarily though), but now I'm back in business.... maybe. The weeks of "abstinence" has kind of killed my motivation to blog..... I just don't seem to enjoy it anymore. But, maybe it's just a phase I'm going through. We'll see....



  1. Welcome back Westy. Perhaps the forced break allowed you to take care of some other things?
    Anyhow glad you are well...


  2. Blog whenever you want to, Dorrie. I shouldn't feel like a job. ;)

  3. Interesting phone system. Glad you are back on line.

  4. Glad to see you Dorrie! You've had a lot going on and can understand it being not so easy to get back to routine blogging. But do catch us up on life in your new apartment in the country. Wonderful!

  5. Congrats on getting a bit settled into the new apartment. That was a long process since the time you first started writing about it. That's pretty cool, really, on the phone number, easy to remember!
    Out of curiosity, I tried to get on KCL today - several times actually, hadn't been there in a while, is there something wrong with it or - I guess something with my computer?

  6. Uhhh, and it's 4:47 pm here when I posted that, not 1:47 am! Lol.