Sunday, May 2, 2010

Next Saturday....

I'll be leaving on another cruise! This time I'm traveling together with a friend, Kornelia. She's been dancing in my classes for over 25 years. We have lots in common so we decided we'd arrange a trip together. The only time she could get off her job is this month. We decided on a cruise because we both want to be able to relax yet also have chances to sight-see interesting places.

We'll be traveling with a ship of the Norwegian Lines, flying first from Frankfurt to Venice, Italy, where we go on board. This is the route we'll be taking....

It was all arranged BEFORE I knew about my upcoming move into a new apartment and that expensive class I took last February. I had hoped to fly over to the US for Gillardia's and Dr. Strangelove's wedding, but I had to kill that idea.

The past weeks have been extremely stressy. Not only trying to get things organised for my move, but also at work I've been busy like crazy. Last Tuesday I was on a business trip with one of my co-workers and I met a REAL prince! No pictures, unfortunately, but if you'd like to see what his castle, which is now a hotel, looks like, just follow this link!

Friday I was at the office until just past 4:00 O'clock, then drove home to change clothes and went..... SQUARE DANCING! Back in 1979 I founded a club and every year they have a jamboree on April 30th, the night before May 1. It's a German tradition that on April 30th the witches gather to chase off winter. Since the group is called "Witches and Wizards" (a name I gave them), it's a fitting date for a party. Anyway, they were thrilled that their founding member showed up... I even danced a few rounds. Here's me with the club's president...

Anyway, life is hectic and busy, but ok. Don't wonder if I don't get around here often. During the cruise I may not get online at all.... we shall see.



  1. Obviously I commented on your facebook page without clicking your link first.

    Internet aboard is relatively slow and costs between forty to seventy five (US) cents per minute.

    There are many wonderful websites showing ship location, weather, lat/long, cabin layouts and of course info about shore excursions. [I have now done fifty NCL shore excursions without one bad one, but they are admittedly not inexpensive.]

  2. WOW enjoy the cruise I would love that cruise.

  3. hi Fin!

    here's a link to my route:

    This site shows the rooms (we have one with a window) as well as excursions. We'll pick them when we're on board according to weather, etc.

    Thanks for the input!!

    Hi Larry! then why aren't your bags packed? LOL

  4. Have a wonderful time Dorrie! It sounds spectacular!!

  5. Hi Dorrie! It does sound wonderful. I hope you have a fabulous time. You sure have been busy and I miss your updates here.

  6. Sounds like fun! You'll love Croatia- and it looks like the route you'll be traveling will have beautiful scenery. Hope you have a great time.

    Also hope that once you get moved that things settle down for you a bit.

  7. Wonderful news about the new cruise! Hope you have a great time, Dorrie! :) Take lots of photos too, please?


  8. Ahhhhhh... You lucky girl! I've never gone on an extensive cruise, but I'm sure it will be mad relaxing! Enjoy it to the fullest, Westy-Woman!

    Snatch JOY!



  9. Cruises are so much fun and there is so much to do. Enjoy it!