Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a note....

*sigh*... we finally have sunny, warm weather, just when I need to pack boxes, etc. It's been raining all week! But I've already got lots of boxes for my move filled, mostly with books. I haven't even started packing any dishes or other glass stuff.

My living room looks like a storage room! I still have 4 weeks until my offical moving day, but I'm trying to get as much accomplished now as I can. I can already bring some stuff to the new place... the garage is empty and I have the key already. That is so cool! So whenever I have a chance, I bring stuff over there. I do have movers coming on June 26, but if I wait until then, I won't be able to move around here at all! So, I transport now what I can.

I went to IKEA and planned some additions for my new kitchen. As many of you may remember, over here the apartments normally don't have a kitchen installed, you buy and install your own! So, mine is already from IKEA, I take it with me and purchase some additions, as well as a new counter top. I've also ordered a new stove and oven which will be at eye level.

This is a holiday weekend over here. Pentecost may be a religious holiday, but it's also a national one here... all shops, offices, and other businesses are closed not only on Sunday but also on Monday. That saved me some vacation days when I put in for the 3 weeks that I'm off on now (ascension day was also a legal holiday.... not always church and state separation here, though it's supposed to be, but I'm not complaining! lol).

Tomorrow I may join my son and his family on an outing. My daughter returns tonight from a beach vacation with her family to Turkey.

Yes, I know, that all sounds exotic to most of you.... her in Turkey, me traveling around the Greek isles. But sometimes you should take advantages of oppotunities as they arrive because they may never come up again. I had hoped to fly over to Dallas this weekend for Doc and Gillardia's wedding, but my move kind of diminished my budget for that, besides flights being much too high at the moment. But if I could have pulled it off, I would have!!

Well, it looks like I rambled on longer then originally intended. I hope you all have a great weekend.... and if I'm not around much, then I'm probably buried under boxes! LOL



  1. Life is fun Dorrie enjoy to sun shine

  2. Hey there. It looks like you are going to be pretty busy. It seems like eternity when it comes to moving. And then once you are there, it takes a while to get everything where it belongs and where you like it.

  3. So, it's a week later, and surely you've been up to more exciting things in Westy-ville. (smiles) Hope you'll have a wonderful and RESTFUL weekend, ya World Traveler, you!

    Snatch JOY!



  4. Doc and Gill got married ??? Wow, congrats to them!
    It's almost your moving time , girl ~ good luck on that!