Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New apartment soon.... can't wait!

Last Thursday I checked out a possible new apartment, near where Regina lives. It's great, with a fireplace.... and I got it!

I will move into it end of June. Because of the 3 month notice I have to give to my present apartment managers (sent in the mail today), the official date to move in is July 1. But the owners of the new apartment will let me in as soon as they're out, and that should be latest mid June.

Here's an impression of the living area, the owner chatting with Regina, .....

She happens to also be an American, married to a German, and had trained to be a travel agent together with Regina! It ended up that we mutually liked each other so, if I wanted the apartment, I could have it. I did LOTS of financial calculations, weighed all the pros and cons, and I'm going for it! Contract will be signed tomorrow!

Anyway, as if I'm not busy enough already, the next 3 months will be hectic. Luckily I still have enough vacation days even after my 3 weeks off in May to take 2 weeks off around the end of June to move.....

Friday (Good Friday) is a holiday in Germany as is next Monday (Waster Monday) so I have a 4-day weekend ahead! Luckily the stores are open on Saturday, but closed on the other 3 days.... which means, of course, that the stores will be CROWDED! I got some shopping done today already.

Tomorrow, April Fool's day, is my dad's 87th birthday. Unfortunately he stopped blogging after JS died. My older brother is trying to save all his old entries in a new site.... The Boatswain. I also saved them here, but I plan to reorganise those pages.... some day.



  1. looks like a great place!Good luck with the move

  2. COongrats on the new place. Can't wait to see pics once you're all moved in.

  3. Congrats Westy. Happy 60 by the way. I lame you for bringing me back to the blogosphere...

  4. Looks terrific - hope the move goes well - you strike me as pretty organised though!

  5. Very good. Glad you decided. Looks like a lovely place.

  6. We should seriously get paid royalties for EVERY time someone out there mentions JS. We gave it life, you know. It's time to do that again.

    As for the apartment... how very GERMAN! It brings up a homesick feeling that surprises me. I will be changing duty stations when I get back from Afghanistan and it's looking more and more like Europe will be my new home sweet home!

    Cheery little place... and a fireplace is where the magic is at ;)