Friday, March 5, 2010

An update... will wonders never cease?

Yes, I've been boring lately..... no new entries. Sorry, I just haven't felt like writing. But I have been visiting journals and occassionally writing comments.

Last night was dance class again. Yes, that's the class I thought would get canceled for lack of members. Last week 3 new people signed up.... and yesterday TWO MORE! And we now have 3 men in the group! Soooo, looks like it won't get canceled after all! I had hoped for an extra night free, without the weekly long drive, but it's better when the group continues.

Tomorrow is another special day in the world of Westy. Check out this cute little kid....

and later this cute picture,

and this one, taken during a visit to Charleston, South Caroline....

well, this is him in 2010....

Tomorrow, March 6, this kid, my son, Carsten, will be 36 years old!! Gosh it's hard to believe.... *sigh*


P.S. tonight it's supposed to snow.... again...


  1. Hi Dorrie. Cool that the class didn't have to be cancelled, sounds like you enjoy doing that.