Sunday, January 10, 2010

went ice skating!

My daughter, Regina, called me at the office Thursday afternoon and suggested we go with the girls ice skating at our local rink. I was skeptical at first.... after all, I hadn't skated in like 30 years! But I'm always game for some fun.

It was snowing outside, and I was worried a bit about her driving down, but by then the skies cleared. I have a week pass for the tram so I just hopped on the next one that went to the rink.

At first I thought I'd be hanging on the wall the whole time, but soon I actually got back into the groove of skating! Regina was the same way.

Tamara has a natural talent for it, but then she's already good at inline skating. Every time she slipped and fell, she just got up and laughed!

Emely? Well... she still needs LOTS of practice! She had a little "friend" to help her....

This weekend they're expecting terrible blizzards, with 30 cm (12 inches) to 50 cm new snow! And yes, the predictions came about, though less chaotic in my area then expected. Most of the cities have already used up most of their salt reserves. The last time we had such weather was in 1978/1979!



  1. Hey Dorrie ! I love this post !!! ( I love ice-skating tooo!!) I'll be glued to the TV for the Olympics,lol!!)

    I loved the video and was *waiting* to see you do a " Triple jump " hehe. You did awesome, for being not skating for 30 years!

    Tamara looks so happy and really into ice-skating! Oooooo, I'm so glad Emely has her little buddy to hang on to, lol! She will get the hang of it, if you go often enough. :)

    I loved hearing the action going on in the video too.

    The photo of you and Emely and little friend is adorable!!

    Stay safe and stay warm! Hope the stores don't run out of food.

    I got stocked up for this weekend and we don't even have snow !! ROFL ! :)

  2. Hi Westy. That looks like a lot of fun.
    I hope the snow dosn't cause you any trouble. We were hit with 6 inches this week and had to dig out.

  3. thanks Judy! I'm glad you liked the post... I write entries to share and put smiles on peoples faces.

    Hi Larry! I'm loving the snow and the trains have been on schedule.... so far!

    try it, Doug! ;-)

  4. I haven't been on skates since Jamie was a toddler. Great pics Dorrie!

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