Friday, December 11, 2009

All packed......

In about 6 hours my son is stopping over to pick me up and take me to the airport. I'll also train him into how to take care (=feed) Shila. He'll stop by every day (I hope) to check on her and empty my mail box. That's a really GOOD aspect of living close by.

I'll spend about 3 hours at the airport until the flight leaves (3:00 am!). After arriving in Teneriffa I'll then transfer to the cruise ship... I CAN'T WAIT!

I have no idea if I'll have any (cheap) internet connection so you may not hear from me until after the 19th. How will you guys survive?

And I'm leaving just in time... SNOW is finally in the weather forcast and temps around freezing. So, for all you nostalgic fans... here's a picture of me in 1952 experiencing my FIRST snow!

Be good while I'm gone.... but if you can't be good, at least have fun!



  1. hi Larry... like the little girl in the waiting room? lol

    thanks Kate!

  2. I sure hope you have a wonderful trip! Be safe and have fun!

  3. Nice snow :) Cute little girl ! It's soooo amazing how much you and your family looks so much alike!

    Dorrie! I wish you a safe and a wonderful vacation, having lots of fun!!!

    I'll still be sending out your Christmas card to your house.