Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas plans....

... in case anyone is interested.

Tomorrow I drive to visit my daughter, Regina, and will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her, her new boyfriend, his parents, and of course Tamara and Emely.

I baked a apple pie (from scratch!) to bring along. I packed all the presents today, I did most of my shopping yesterday. I'm one of those last minute people. I LOVE all the madhouse shopping. I went to two local shopping malls yesterday, hoping to see lots of Christmas decorations, hear lots of Christmas music, and get some real Christmas atmosphere. Somehow, it wasn't Christmasy.

I'm not much in a Christmas mood. Normally I'd have a tree up, but since I was on the cruise, and will then be at my daughter's, I didn't bother this year. Besides that, the elevator in my apartment house was broken the past two days so I wouldn't have been able to bring one up to my 8th floor anyway. And now all the lovely white snow has melted......

I managed to post the rest of photos of my trip. Anyone interested.... you know where to go!

In case I don't get to check in here the next days.... here's wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!


P.S.I just remembered the New Years game I played every year.... hm, I wonder if I'll feel like doing it again (at KCL?). Last year the JS crash kind of messed everything up. Oh, well... I have another week to decide!


  1. Merry Christmas. It sounds like it will be adventurous enough. Have fun

  2. Great pics. Merry Christmas Dorrie!