Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Norhtwest fly by...sing it baby!

I just found this version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane", re-done in "honor" of that flight by Northwest that flew by it's destination.

In some ways it was a too serious incident to laugh about, but sometimes humor helps...

Tweeting on a Jet Plane


  1. So many jokes about this one in such a short time! now the big news is the Aussie guys with the landing gear hassle...

  2. It was inevitable. And highly embarrassing of course.

    There was a rather lesser incident about ten years ago where I last lived: people were concerned when a 767 seemed to be flying disturbingly low over the town (which is near to Manchester airport). It turned out that the pilot had a girlfriend or relative living there, and wanted to say ‘Hello’.

  3. Haha, loved this! Oh well, this is our new world of 'today.' Nothing like the "good ole days" but...... then *today* will soon be the good ole others.