Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy days... I need a drink!

Is today really Friday?

The past days have been, well, exhausting (so what else is new?). Some of you may have missed me stopping by.... I didn't have much time to come online and I can't log in at the office any more.

Wednesday I had an important meeting with my boss and another coworker outside the office. They were able to drop me off at my apartment afterwards and I had exactly one hour before driving off to dance class. That went really well with 16 people showing up so we practive an American square dance with TWO squares! that was cool...

After work Thursday I went home, changed clothes for a date with Wheelie. We went to our favorite restaurant, which may have to close soon due to the economic crises and people not going out to eat so much (plus TOO many restaurants around, most not half as good as this place). After that we went to the movies to see "Pope Joan"..... it was excellent!!

Wheelie and I both took today off as a vacation day and we had originally planned to drive to a nice romantic hotel to stay until Saturday. We hadn't had a chance to do it all summer and this weekend we both could finally fit it in.

Luckily we didn't reserve a room because my son called and asked if I could babysit today. Karen's mom became badly ill and had to go to the hospital. Karen didn't want to drag Priyasha with her and Shiana needed to be picked up at kindergarten around 3 and poor Carsten can't get off work (he's self employed and works on a project for a European weather satelite space authority). Sooooooo, we changed our plans and I spent from 11 to 5:30 at their place, driving first Karen and her mom to the hospital, then picking up Shiana later and then her dad, and then staying at the house again while Carsten picked up Karen and her mom. I used their car since it has the kiddy seats installed.

So my vacation day turned out quite different then planned, but family emergencies have priority. Oh, and it doesn't look good for Karen's mom. In 2 weeks she flies back to India with Karen and kids and will continue treatment there. Carsten will follow just before Christmas for about 3 weeks, Karen will return with the kids in February. They do this every year.

At least I have no plans for the weekend.....



  1. Hope you were able to enjoy some of your time...


  2. Are you totally recovered now?
    You sound extremely busy with a plateful of stuff.
    I never heard of that movie.

  3. Hey! Square dancing is a blast! I used to love square dancing when I was young and healthy!! Nice memories of the dancing. Glad you had some fun!!!

    Also, sorry to hear Karen's Mom is not doing you sure were busy like verrry busy!

    I don't update like I used to, but still like to update every once in awhile :) There will be days when I'm sick, or just don't feel well, or busy busy! or just crawling into my shell till bad stuff blows over.

    That sounds great, at least you were able to have a real date with Wheelie :) More fun stuff. :)

  4. Im sending loving and healing thoughts to all of you.Hope things go well!

  5. thanks everyone for the comments.

    Yes, my last doc report and CT showed all the pneumonia symptoms are GONE! I hope they stay gone, too! But it's now the cold, rainy, icky time of year with increasing cases of both swine and normal flu `sigh*

    They discovered that Karen's mom has a stomach tumor...they don't know yet if it's benighn or not :-(

  6. Hey there Westy. Hopefully you've got this weekend going as planned!

  7. Well, good to hear you're better. The cold time of year is wonderful for me excepting - the respiratory problems that extremely cold air brings with it. I hear ya on that one.