Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Wednesday... again

What a lame title! Sorry about that, but it's 6 am and in 30 min. I have to leave for work.

As most of you know, Wednesday means dance class... the BIG group that has 19 people signed in it. The Thursday class only has 8 people at the moment and will be cut to 10 instead of 12 evenings. Sure, it's a cut on my income there, but otherwise it would get canceled completely. I checked my files and I have been teaching dance at that school for 25 years! It would be a pity if it got canceled.....

Thanks for all the feedback on the last entry... I REALLY appreciate it! It's funny that a number of other people were writing similar entries.... could it be the season? the full moon? Ah, the moon... it's raise were shining through my bedroom window this morning and woke me up early.

Speaking of light... yesterday my only light in my bathroom died. It's a single halogen and I have no reserve. So I had to take a lamp from another room for the time being.... lousy lighting for sure. You see, my bathroom has NO windows! That was typical for multy-family homes built in the 70's over here. It's the only down thing about my apartment.

I mentioned in a comment in the last entry how I miss working and organising the forum. Now it's pretty dead I set up a poll. So far, only 3 votes (and one of those was my own). *sigh* I miss the action that was once a part of it.....

Yesterday it rained all day, with strong winds, and cool temps. NOT my type of weather!

Today I have a talk with my boss... yearly evaluation is what I guess you folks call it. Could be interesting. "The Jerk" has his farewell party on Friday...

Enough up-dating for now.... off to work I go.



  1. Good luck at the evaluation - I hope that you get a rise!

  2. The jerk is going?? Yeah!! *does happy dance!!!*

  3. No, that's not a "lame title" .... Heck, I write "Today" or "Yesterday" LOL!

    Wednesday for you means dancing! Yay! Wednesday for me means chemo injection, yuk!

    *blowing some balmy breezes and 80* your way! Maybe one of these days it will actually reach you!

    I don't have a window in my apartment bathroom, either! I also had to take in a little lamp when the light bulbs went out! (once only) Now I have plenty of bulbs on hand.

    Much good luck for your evaluation!

    And happy dancing!! :)


  4. Not lame. I use it quite often when I'm at a loss for anything clever. Wednesday is my meeting day so I'm happy about that. It's about 6:36 am here right now. Hope the evaluation went well. And yay! The jerk will be gone soon. Very cool... Love to you...

  5. Glad the jerk is on his way out. I bet you'll be celebrating heavily at the party. lol. Hope your evaluation goes well. I'm sure it will.

    I have a window in my bathroom, but when we've lost electricity, it's still pretty dark in there during the winter months. Now you need a skylight or something. HA. Hugs.

  6. I try to get to the forum. I think I forgot my passcode however.

    I love the fact that you have it. I sorta miss the intimacy of a closed forum.


  7. 25 years??!! Holy canoli, that's awesome, Westy!

  8. My upstairs bathroom doesn't have windows either, and I do not like it one bit. *sigh* I know just what ya mean.

    The jerk is leaving?!?! Where have I been? That is great!!

    25 years, that is awesome! Just think of all the students you have taught over those years! So cool!