Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

Here I sit, on December 31, 2008.... it's 21:15 (09:15 pm). Soon we'll have 2009.

My daughter almost came to spend the night... she's one step away from leaving her hubby. She needs her mommy. She came by last night and we had a mother/daughter talk. It was nice. She is home tonight because of her girls... they need to watch the fireworks together.

I could visit my son. He only lives 15 min. away. His wife is expecting their second child in February, but the baby keeps wanting to come too early. He picked up his mother-in-law from the airport today. That's good, since I won't be around the next 2 weeks.

I'm flying out tomorrow and need to make sure I have the apartment ready and don't forget anything. I'd rather sleep in my own bed. He'll pick me up in the morning and drive me to the airport. I want to be there by 11:00 am.

Wheelie is at home with his family. He'll give me a call later. We have never spent New Years together.... long story.....

I'm flying to San Diego to visit my parents. My mom is 89 and is suffering more and more from Alzheimers.... she doesn't even know my dad anymore and they've been married over 60 years. I'm a bit afraid of what awaits me.

So I spend my evening here, on the computer, watching over my JS buddies. I'm glad I was able to provide the forum for everyone. It's not just for you, but for me, too. I need you guys!!

What a melancholy entry to end the year. Let's hope that 2009 will be much better!!!!

Dorrie aka Westy


  1. Dorrie have a good flight and say hello to your dad for me.

  2. Hi Dorrie:
    I think since you and apparently bobby are coming over this way, I'll end up joining the crowd.
    Actually, I already have a blog here at blogspot: and am going to start posting me entries there as well as the other 2 places.
    Please keep us informed about any potential JS startup (I'm sure you will!)
    If you were serious about taking over JS - well, I can only offer that I would certainly support the effort by diverting the money that used to go to Dylan to you and your efforts to maintain the thing and maybe do the upgrades.
    I would FAR rather go back to my JS site than do ANY of these other sites. Takes too long to get used to them and learn all the things that you can and want to do with them.
    Have a safe trip and a good time with family!

  3. Safe travels Dorrie, and all the best to your parents as they go through this terrible time. *hugs*

  4. Just think, things can only get better in 2009, it can only go up from here. Have a safe trip, enjoy your time with your USA family, no matter what... I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Still, enjoy time with her now, you'll be glad you did later...

  5. Have a safe flight, Dorrie. Hope all will be better for everyone next year. Got your folks and you in my prayers. {hugs}

  6. Be safe Sis! Enjoy your family and thanks again for keeping us all together and informed!

    Here's to 2009! ((HUGS))

  7. Dorrie, have a safe flight and your folks are in my prayers. Take care and talk to you soon.
    Happy New Year ((((HUGS)))

  8. (((Dorrie))), do you know how hard it is for me not to call you Westy? I miss Westy, I miss JS, this is a sad New Year's start. :(
    But, no time for grieving, too much else to think about. Hugs and love and Happy 2009. Hope it's the best ever. :)

  9. Onward and upward, I say. Happy New Year, Dorrie!

  10. Hope you have a good trip back to see you parents. Happy New Year.....

  11. Happy New Year.
    i hope you have a good trip. t.c.

  12. Happy new year and have a safe trip to San Diego. Hope you can enjoy and relax a bit.

  13. Have a safe trip and hope too hear all about it. Wave as you go over fly over land. Happy New Years.

  14. Happy New Year, Dorrie. I think we all deserve a more balanced and peaceful 2009. :)

  15. Hope you have a safe trip. As painful as it is at times, change can be good, and remember it wasn't the place but the people that made JS special.

    *hugs* Happy New Year

  16. Hey Dorrie! I've finally caught up. I'm really sad about JS. I don't know where I will end up. I have a blog here. Maybe this is where my new home will be...


  17. Hi Dorrie,

    Sorry to hear of your daughter's predicament. Enjoy your time with your family in CA. Let me join many others and say "thanks" for helping to keep us JS refugees in touch. We have too good a thing going to just drift apart.



  18. I dread the day that my mom gets to the point where she doesnt recongize anyone. She is already showing symptoms of forgetting family. She asked me to write down the names of me and my sisters so she can remember them. Im sorry about your daughter. I am sure you will give her whatever support she will need if she leaves her husband. That is so sad when a marriage breaks apart.

  19. I hope your trip ends up being more positive than you're anticipating. How sad to hear about your daughter, too. Good that she has you there for support. Have a safe trip to the US, and I hope to see you when we go to Germany. HUGS!

  20. Westy, thanks so much for the forum it has been a big help to us all. And we need you too.

    I was gald to get the email from you saying that you had arrived in San Diego safely.

    Please give me a call when you get a chance and I hope we get to spend some time together this trip.

  21. thanks everyone!!

    I'll try to write a new entry..