Monday, March 21, 2016's been a while

I thought I'd finally make a newpost! I have plenty of time to post, just no real motivation...sorry folks!

I'm still living in a care home, whih does have its advantages. But living evey day with old folk, many who are "suffering" demencia or Alzheimer, really gets annoying.

Physically I'm doing MUCH constant pain (what a relief). I can even walk, with the help of a walker and therapist.

If all goes well, I'll be moving again in August....this time into my own home! YES! A care-person will be hired to move in with me. I so hope we find a nice one.

So, enough new news for today.... I do get tired very quickly.

I never thought I would praise facebook, but it helps me keep up-dated with everyone...



  1. Excellent news! Glad to hear you're doing better. And even better news to hear you're getting a private home. WooHoo! :)

  2. Wonderful to hear from you again.

    As you have time, can you track down whatever happened to
    our friend "Pinky" and let me know?

    All the very best and thanks for updating!


  3. Very glad to hear from you and so glad that your health is progressing!


  4. Fin, I chat Pinkster once in a while on Facebook! yep, listed her real name and caught her lol

    Thanks everyone for caring about me (((hugs)))

  5. Oh,'s so good to hear from you! I think of you so often, and wonder when we'll see your lovely words here again.
    This is (Silentwhisper1) in case you're wondering-I changed blog names.
    Glad to hear your doing so much better.And I'm thrilled you'll have yourself a new home soon-that'll make a wonderful difference!
    I'm not on facebook, so I can't keep up, but I check in here every so often. I'm on twitter and pinterest.Anyways...I'm so thrilled to hear from you!!!! GIANT hugs from Canada! xo

  6. thank you sooooo much Silentwisper! So sweet of you to keep tabs on me

  7. Hi Westy Great to see you again. So happy you are doing good! I bet you will really love getting back in a home of your own. HUGS