Thursday, January 5, 2012

And so 2012 goes on....

This year for New Years Eve I had a party in my apartment for the first time. I invited my direct neighbors as well as two of my dancers. I set up a buffett and made a wine punch with berries. I had "normal" wine and beer available but my punch was the hit! No beer or wine bottle needed to be opened! One of the guests brought his collie dog (yes, he asked before hand). She was so well behaved! And Shila didn't seem to mind her, either. It was quite a nice start to the New Year.

The goodies...


We've been having the oddest weather in centuries. Much too mild temperatures... even some plants are beginning to blossom and the animals in the zoo are having trouble hybernating. Then the past days we had some strong storms passing through with hurricane force winds! 

So, with such crazy weather it's no wonder that many people are sick... including me. I've had such a hard dry cough the past days, last night it kept me awake. At times I cough so hard I feel I'm going to suffocate. So today I called in sick and the doc gave me some antibiotics and "ordered" me to rest... and signed me off work through next Wednesday! There is an event on Sunday, New Years reception of the local women's club and I'm a board member,  I so wanted to attend, yet I can't go.  DARN!  

Otherwise this year should end up pretty good.... I RETIRE on July 1! YAY!!

So, that was a short update. I read facebook, kcl, and blogger daily but don't write or comment much anymore.... I've just lost the blogging spirit....  


  1. Sounds like your party was a success. Cool! And how is Shila doing since her surgery? Well, I hope. Please keep writing and even better, keep posting your pictures. ;)


  2. Now thats ringing in the new year!

  3. Sounds like a pleasant and fun way to see in the New Year. Weather is odd in this part of the world as well. Please get well soon. Maggs

  4. @Scott: Shila is holding up pretty good, but now I'm afraid of her remaining eye having the same thing... that would be her death sentence! aaarrggghhhh

    @capron! nice to see you! Hope you have a great 2012

    @Maggi, I've been hearing about your record heat wave. Maybe the Mayan's were right after all??

  5. My blogging spirit has joined yours....

  6. Our weather has also been mild almost 70 in the first week of January.

  7. The party sounded like fun! Sorry to hear you are sick, get better soon!