Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Village ...

It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry! I can't really blame it all on "real life" (though that is a big part), I just haven't really felt much like posting. I haven't even uploaded all my Prague pictures, but those I did upload, you can enjoy by clicking on my homepage! I know some of the pictures Lowandslow will go crazy over! lol

So many events have taken place lately.... most good. During my vacation I had another lovely visit with my ex-sister-in-law as well as ex-mother-in-law.

This past weekend was filled with events. Last night my flying club celebrated their 60th anniversary. It was great seeing many of my old friends again, and they seemed really happy to see me again. I felt really welcomed and "at home". My village is having a 4-day party and it included opening the bell tower of the church, which I of course took advantage of and would like to share the following pictures with you.

This is a view from the tower which shows my apartment building.It's the top floor under that redish roof.


This picture gives a pretty good impression of the area I live in.....and as you see, we had GREAT weather today!

Here are a few pictures from the church and bell tower....



engraved in this bell is the word "Liebe", or "Love"

there are three bells all together.... and they ring EVERY quarter hour! And sometimes for a full 5 minutes!

Inside the church from the organ balcony....
More pictures of the quaint little village I live in can be viewed here.
I hope you all enjoyed this view into my world.... and hopefully I'll get back in the mood to blog more often again.



  1. I'm such a Europhile....I can't get enough! I was especially intrigued by the old world style building in Prague with the modern addition that looks like it melted. How was that received by the locals?


  2. I want BOTH you guys to visit me some day (with partners, of course! lol)

  3. This is great Westy! I would love to visit before cold weather sets in...

  4. Great photos lady.

  5. I love the pictures, Dorrie! Thanks for sharing them, and allowing me to take a little vacation.

  6. hi Bard, so nice to "see" you!

    Bobby... well, there's always AFTER the cold leaves! lol


  7. Hi, Westy! Love your photo's (always do) Nice country side.Soon the winter months will hit us and alllllll we'll think to do is write online.
    Hugs to you and hot-piping coffee~


  8. PS. For some reason Roz's blog won't let me leave a comment.Her last post she could have used us to cheer her up and give hugs.Also? she has to come into my blog as anonymous-its weird.I wonder what's up wth her blog?

  9. Sorry about the comment section in my blog. I am not sure how it got turned off. Love the pictures it looks so pretty where you live. It is pretty cold and cloudy here today.

  10. The structural artistry in Europe (especially in the older buildings) puts whatever we have here in America to shame. Classical in every way. These pics you've posted only amplify this fact.

    Hope all is well or at least getting better there in Westy-ville.



  11. Now I will try to comment again. Yup, Blogger is having issues, as I just showed my comments, but they don't show,lol.

    I love this pictures, Westy, oops, Dorrie :)
    Specially the church ones !
    Have a safe and great week.

  12. Hi Dorrie
    I read your post about Betty, I miss her so much. She would have been freaking out about Zao dying, and then about my health problems. She was such a loving person. It's been really hard to adjust to not having my big sissy!
    And now Sally is poof gone with the wind, going thru her divorce. which ( dropping out for a while) is so typical in our family. I'm a lonely sis!
    I'm not sure where you post now... is it on FB? Sep. 25 is a while back!

  13. hi all! and Hi Paula!! I'm not really blogging anywhere at the moment. When I do write something, I post it here for all to see.

    *I've lost that bloooooging feeling...* ;-)