Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happier entry... Emely turned 6!

A much happier event was last Monday. My granddaughter Emely turned 6! It was a happy day for sure!!

Unpacking her new bike...

and other stuff...

celebrating with friends...

the girls like having their faces painted, and this mom does a good job!

and then the kids painted idea!

It was a fun day for all!


  1. What a cool party. Were you the official photographer? Hope she had a wonderful b-day. * be 6 again :)*

  2. Awww!! So cute! Looks like a wonderful party! Love the shirt idea! :-) She's growing up so quickly! I remember seeing her Baby pictures!!

  3. These are fantastic. All done in German perhaps? I have no idea what it is like over there...MAybe we should find out sometime...

  4. yes, Bobby, you MUST come visit!

    it was a lot of fun... as always. The girls are ALL so cute!

  5. What fun! These will be precious memories for all the kids.

  6. Hey,

    The kids make fun with friends and family. These moments was precious form kids and unforgettable...
    Tank Top

  7. Wow they are getting so big and are so cute!!!!