Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vacation is over *pout*

As most of you know, I was back home in San Diego to see my mom and dad. It was a sad, but good visit. Both are doing as good as can be expected.... dad may come home next week. I had a chance to talk to my brother about all the arrangements and all that has been going on. That's why I flew over now so that I could get the laydown first hand! Originally I had planned to fly over next January.

For those who don't know, my mom has advanced Alzheimers and is in a care home since last year. A few weeks ago she fell and hurt her hip and was operated on (she's 91!). My dad just had a by-pass and had a new heart valve put in... he's 87. To top things off, they had a huge water leak in their home some weeks can imagine mess ..... all the flooring had to be renewed. Luckily my younger brother, who lives with his lovely wife in the same house as my folks and he's quite the handy man.

My son, Carsten (36), flew over as well and we had some nice mother/son quality time. That was nice.

I just got back today and have to go back to work tomorrow.... there's a 9 hour time difference... hello jet lag! *yawn*

So, now back to my unpacking!



  1. My heart goes out to you as you leave your family behind. All the best to your folks Dorrie! *hugs*

  2. Glad you had a good trip Dorrie. And its good to hear that your folks are doing ok.The best of everything for you and yours is my wish. God bless!

  3. Oh my god I know you are fretting over your folks.

  4. Hi Dorrie ~ Oh my goodness, your vacation is over already ? Time sure flies fast now-a-days.

    You and your family are in my daily prayers.

    It's so rough you being there and your folks here,
    but still some comfort knowing that your brother and wife are here with them.


  5. I know it isn't easy- *hugs* Welcome home, although I am sure your heart is in Cali.

  6. Hey Westy-Woman:

    I'm glad you had a chance to see your folks & share some quality time. Regardless of the situation handed to you, it's the soul connection that's so vitally important.

    BTW: I'd no idea your mom was a cougar! (smiles) God Bless her!