Friday, October 1, 2010

Arrived "home"

I arrived in San Diego Wednesday after a LONG flight. I was 9 hours to JFK, with a 5 hour layover (tried to see if Niceflyer could meet me, but he couldn't), then another hour flight to San Diego where my brother and his wife picked me up.

I managed to sleep though the night, waking at 7 a.m.

I'm using my sister-in-laws laptop and having some problems adjusting to it.... the American keyboard is different then the German one (for example, the z and y are switched) and some of the keys seem to stick a bit.

This is San Diego, where it rarely rains.... today it is not only raining, but we are having THUNDER STORMS!!!

I picked up my rent-a-car this morning, which is a cute little Chevy with Colorado licence plates!

We also visited my mom this morning. I could still recognize her as mom, though she has lost so much weight! She is now skinnier then me, and that's skinny! The gals told us that this morning she had been talking up a storm, which is a good sign, and being "feisty", like throwing her shit on the ground and laughing about it. I was having a bit of trouble understanding her since she doesn't have her teeth in and she kept falling asleep. But the care place she's in seems to be great and all the workers there are just marvelous.

We'll visit my dad later today.

My son flies in tomorrow to L.A. and will arrive down here on Saturday.

I guess that's all for now.... have a few things to take care of here and won't be online too often. But I'll keep y'all informed.


P.S. dad is doing good...lost lots of weight, too. He's bored to death at the health care (rehab) center he's at but it's good and he finally realizes he must do what the doc says! lol


  1. Glad you made it in safe and sound.
    Can't imagine why they switch the z and the Y.....

  2. Glad you arrived and that you have already had the chance to spend time with your mum. And that your son will be arriving there too. Catch you soon. Maggs

  3. Glad you arrived safe and had a good visit with your mom. Great to hear that your dad is doing good also.

  4. Hi Westy. So glad you go there safe and sound.