Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sometimes life keeps you busy... or just messes up your plans.

I promised pics of my new kitchen, but lately I haven't felt like blogging at all. I think having the abstinence during my mood affected my blogging in a negative way. Can you imagine WESTY not blogging? geeeeezzz

After the heatwave we have now had torential rains (did I spell that right?). Thunder, lightning... the works. But I look at it positively. The trees and other plants needed it desperately. The farmers I'm sure are happy now. Some crops had to be harvested early already and others didn't grow properly. Maybe now things will be better.

There's still lots to do on my apartment but the worst mess is finished! YAY!

Work.... should I talk about work? Since the jerk retired things have gotten better, but I can't wait to retire myself in 2 years (actually 23 months and counting). So many changes in the way to do things. My motivation is DOWN!

My kids are ok, but have their problems as well. But that's life. My mom is now in special care for her demenz. She's 90 now. It's hard to explain how I feel... so far away, not being there for her but knowing she's in good care. My dad visited her and she actually recognised him. That really made him happy!

Lots of reports on German TV about the Love Parade... 21 deaths now. So sad..... The fault is being pushed from one to the other... as usual. So many mistakes were made!

OK, this was just a short entry to let y'all know I'm still around!



  1. The apt looks great. Very cool. Glad things are finally settling into normal again. Sometimes LIFE has to take priority over things like blogging. This is true especially in the summer months. I try to write at least one blog a week... & then it's back to life.

    Snatch JOY!



  2. Hi Westy !! Dorrie, yes, I can imagine you not blogging ~ It's the same with me ~ real life *and* cyberlife takes over and besides, it's just not like the days of old anymore :( JS LAND was truly one of a kind. :)

  3. I haven't been blogging as much either. Too much to do and I get bored with it sometimes.

  4. I'm sorry to read this about your mother. I would rather die suddenly.

    That love parade has made our news on several occassions. What a mess.

    Love ya,

  5. The tragedy at the love parade was horrible. I can't imagine anyone actually stepping up to the plate and saying it was their fault, but there were definitely many mistakes made.

    I think during the summer months people tend to blog less because they are outside doing things and wanting to be inside less.

    Since I spend my time on the computer working- after I'm done with that, I rarely have time to spend reading blogs and other stuff unless I'm caught up with other real life things- I enjoy spending the time running (I'm training for a 5k) and just out and about with friends, Marcel and JJ and prefer not to be inside any more than I have to be.

    I think blogging has it's ebb and flow moments, like everything else.

    Hope you get back into the groove soon if that's what you want.