Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back online... and more moving woes! lol

Well, hello everyone! I'm BACK! sort of.....

Theoretically the move went well. The movers (5 guys!) took the whole day to take furniture apart, pack things in the trucks, drive to the new place, unpack the truck, and put furniture back together. they did a good, professional job. Many boxes got left in the garage because there was no place to put them.

Luckily it didn't rain like during the weeks before..... and it hasn't rained since! In fact, we are now having a heat wave.... between 95°F and 100°F plus humid!! aaarrggghhh This is SO unusual for here. It may be record temps!

I still have so much to do, but my body decided I've done enough.... too much lifting, etc., I just don't have any strength left.... and the heat on top of it all. And since most of my helpers work and have family responsibilities I'm pretty much left on my own, and there is a lot of heavy-duty stuff still needed to do.... like installing the kitchen! Yep, one week is over and I still don't have a working kitchen! I wash dishes in the bathroom sink, and warm up meals with the microwave. We had to change some arranging of the cabinets because electric cables run through the kitchen wall were the hanging cabinets are supposed to go! What kind of stupid architech (sp) does that! duh... (must have been a man, lol). So that delayed things a bit.

AND, I still don't have my telephone and/or internet! The company (telecom) sent me a stick for internet usage for 3 months... for free! You see, the company that had the line connected here for the previous recident (aol, ahem) didn't disconnect when they were supposed to so telecom can't put my line in yet. So, I'm now using the stick and can finally do some catching up... especially my emails!

Anyway, I thought I'd use this opportunity to let you all know I've survived so far. I have to go back to work on Monday (puke). Of course, my office, like my apartment, has NO air conditioning! It's a luxury that only banks and grocery stores usually enjoy having. So you can imagine how stressful living here is at the moment due to the heat (I still prefer this heat to cold any day!).

The air conditioning in my car decided to stop working as well. And speaking of cars..... I was using my daughter's car most of the time since it has a huge trunk when the back seats are removed. The day before the movers came, the ignition quit! I was at a local home depot type store and had to get towed to the shop! What timing! aaarrggghhhhh again! It's repaired now but sure through my schedule off.

Today is the big soccer match between Argentina and Germany at the world championships in South Africa. It's just now starting on TV. I'm not a fan, but this game is important! Actually, this would be the best time to go to the stores since the streets and shops will be completely EMPTY! LOL

See ya all around.....


P.S. pictures of the move may get posted later.....


  1. Enjoy your new home and the treasure hunt through the boxes.

  2. thanks Larry! I sure will... so far I love this new place.

    And thanks for reading... at least I still have ONE fan! lol

  3. Hi Dorrie! Glad to find this. I was wondering how your move had gone.

  4. Oh and that's me, Anita--Paintthehorse.