Thursday, April 15, 2010

No volcanic ash here..... yet!

But it's getting closer!! The volcano eruption in Iceland is causing havoc to Europes air ways!!

All of northern Europe has closed it's airspace!! England, Scandanavia, Holland, France, and now Hamburg and Berline.... all closed!

Here's a map of the area already affected...(stolen from one of Germany's biggest newspapers):

I'm located right at the southern edge of the red line.

Can you imagine what chaos this is causing? All the travelers stuck without even alternative airports to fly out of? And trains are only good for local travel. Frankfurt has already had lots of cancelations because flights can't go to their intended destinations. I heard a plane flying overhead my house a bit ago so Frankfurt seems to be still open.... but for how long?

I just got home from dance class... so today was another loooong day. AND... it's Wheelie's birthday!!

He had tons of meetings all day and ended up working overtime... on his birthday! That really sucks!

Well, time to check the news..... the next days should be interesting, and scary!!


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