Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crazy weather.... Spring is here!

I'm tired.... this crazy weather is to blame! (you have to blame someone, right?).

Over Easter it was cold and windy... temps around 11°C max (51°F). Yesterday and today..... 22 fucking degrees C! (71°F)!!! SPRING IS HERE!! (so I cussed.....shoot me!)

In the morning, when walking to work, it's chilly and I need a warm coat. When I leave the office in the afternoon, I carry my coat over my arm and even my blouse and sweater is too much!! No, I'm not complaining... I think winter has finally been banned.

Yesterday I finally went flying again.... short traffic patterns in the clubs Cessna 152. After that I trained some pilots in English, preparing them for the upcoming tests they need to take (with me possibly as their examiner... ahem).

Today I had to watch the stupid telephones at the office again so I couldn't get out to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Tomorrow is Shiana's 3rd birthday (enjoy her picture from the last entry). The party had to be canceled because mom and dad have very bad colds/flu. Tomorrow after work I'll go to their place anyway and take care of the kids while mom tries to rest up and get better.

Lots to do in the next days. I'm really looking forward to my new apartment. But it'll be a LOT of work moving in. Which reminds me.... I have to put in for a cost request at a few moving companies. See y'all around!



  1. I am glad you are finally getting into spring. Enjoy the warm because the HOT will be here soon.

  2. Nice to see things are going well for you.

  3. Indeed, the weather is absolutely beautiful here as well. I am taking it all in cause' hell is on it's way. Fin, they're EFFING degrees, it's a new way to read the temperature, didn't you hear about it?

  4. it was around 20°C, fin. Now it's back down to 11°C *snif*