Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily internet fix... and Chrismas nostalgia

Today was the transfer day from my previous internet provider, AOL/Alice does AOL call itself Alice in the USA now, too?) to t-online. I have been a fan of aol for YEARS, yet their system didn't jive with my Vista and their supposed flatrate was odd.... I had to log in every time I turned on the comp. So, I changed.

I feared there'd be problems. This morning I couldn't get my daily fix since Alice had already shut down. But I could put in the needed codes for my connecting box and voila! When I got home from work, my internet was up and running WITH NO WAIT AND/OR glitches!!

I had a long day today so I'm already about to shut down (at 07:30 pm!).

Here's another nostalgic picture of Christmas past for your enjoyment... my older brother, Bob, and me, I believe in 1954..

Have a great week everyone!



  1. I love the old photo! Hope your week will be a good one too!

  2. Who’s that man with the big white beard? I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. He looks a bit dodgy.

  3. thanks everyone!

    Simon... was it YOU in disquise? you do know that Santa doesn't age but stays the same forever heehee

  4. hi westy!

    a good buddy of mine whose name also happens to be called Bob....has an uncanny resemblance to the photo above. looks like he just shrunk:)

  5. Awesome ! Your brother looks like your poppa !!

    *YOU* look like.... or rather 2 of your sweet and adorable grandaughters look soooo much like you!!

    Cute photo and thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this!

    YIPPPEEEE !!! Glad all was great for your computer to work correctly, and with no glitches. :)