Monday, June 8, 2009

Waking up much too early...

What's the deal? It's only 04:30 am and I'm already awake and on my computer. Even the last two days I didn't sleep in... my internal alarm always wakes me. Then I start thinking about work and all that's going on. On the weekend I will then start reading my book to distract me.

I'm writing more and more over at I will occassionally mirror the entries here, but sometimes it's just too much bother to copy in both, especially since some contents refers to KCL or blogger and has to be edited accordingly.

One advantage to being up so early.... I'm looking out at a huge full moon sitting just above the horizon! Nice!

This is going to be a horror week at work. I have a seminar to attend all day tomorrow, which is no biggy, but on Thursday (a holiday here) I have an airshow to attend, then Friday the preparations for an airshow to attend, and on Saturday a big airshow to attend. Can you believe I am NOT looking forward to attending them? lol Especially the one on Saturday..... but that's an important one. But it's also Emely's 4th birthday and I'll probably end up missing her party.

Anyway, I better go get my coffee before I write too much incoherent dribble.



  1. You're the third person I've talked to this morning who woke up at about 4:30. Weird. Sounds like a busy week. Too bad about missing Emely's birthday. :-( I'm sure you'll make it up to her, won't you, Grandma Dorrie? lol. Hugs.

  2. I can understand how you feel missing her Birthday. We just never seem to have enough time.

  3. I hope you don't miss Emely's party!

  4. I started a blog over there - but haven't dragged myself over there to acutally start writing on it.
    Getting up early - I always think it a good thing.

  5. I hate waking up before the alarm. I usually get back to sleep about ten minutes before it goes off :-(

  6. Hope you are having a good week Westy!