Friday, June 12, 2009

The Air Shows Begin....

Yesterday the air show (well actually just an "open house") got rained out. We were having some pretty strong storms with winds up to around 30 knots. People still showed up to enjoy the coffee and cake (and beer!) being sold.

Today was the "trail" day for the BIG show which takes place tomorrow. The weather has cleared and things are looking good. It is actually VERY well organised. As I mentioned in another post, the airfield is actually too small for such an event, but they are really doing their best.

One of the highlights of tomorrow's show did a trial run today (which I had to judge and accept). They are the Royal Jordanian Aerobatic Team. I had already experienced them at another show some years ago and they are GOOD! I took this group picture of them....

Handsome dudes, aren't they? LOL

The press was there and pictures were taken of me together with them and as soon as I get copies I'll post! So, sometimes my job DOES have nice perks!

More to come perhaps on Sunday... tomorrow I'll be at the air field ALL DAY!


P.S. I took this picture of them during their flight.... and just happened to catch a bird flying with them! I hope you can see it...

Edit: I found a link to their homepage.... The Royal Jordanian Falcons


  1. When I read this I was surprised. This type of pilot is very elite and its hard to imagine the Israelis would be comfortable with them right next door. So, I went to the website and noticed what they flew...

  2. thanks Bursti for stopping by and commenting. Those guys are real precision flyers and professionals...

  3. That's a cute little plane, it's all engine and wings :-)

  4. Thanks for posting the link. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!