Monday, May 25, 2009

Back to work.....

Things went easier at work then I thought it would after being gone for a week. I was afraid I would have tons of important emails but there were only 25 and none THAT important.

Some of you may have read about my work troubles the past years. There was this jerk at the office that was really giving me a bad time.... call it harassment if you want. He poisoned others against me, too. I was close to a nervous breakdown last summer and part of my recent health problems MAY be caused by all of that. I even considered quitting (now-a-days you don't quit a good paying job with the government with only 5 more years to work, but that's how bad things had gotten).

Well, that guy finally went into retirement, but one of the new guys he trained in is such an arrogant SOB

Anyway, it got pretty much to the point that no matter what I would say, no one would listen. The Jerk, before leaving, even called me incompetent right to my face! Yet he was the prime example of incompetence! I tried to attach his actions to his age (65) and assumed he was just.... stupid,

.....or simply full of shit!

But now... oh wonder! Now the way of doing some things are being changed.... and changed to the way I tried to have them done to begin with! Are they beginning to realise I wasn't so "incompetent" or wrong after all?

I had to laugh when my boss told me today about a change in proceedures that he, along with the arrogant guy (Jerk 2) and the other new guy (who is ok ... so far. He arrived as a replacement for the Jerk so didn't get "poisoned"), talked about last week during my absence. Those are the exact proceedures I have been fighting for the past couple of years!

So that made me feel good..... now I just have to wait and see how things develope over the next weeks.

Otherwise not much new to report. Next weekend is a holiday weekend once again. The Germans celebrate Pentecost Monday as a legal holiday! Next month I have tons of weekend business stuff to do.... air shows to visit that I am NOT particularly looking forward to. I know, for some of you that would be hard to believe. Maybe I'll get some interesting pictures out of it.

So, enough


P.S. I'm beginning to feel more and more at home over at KCL... lots of former JS'ers showing up there.

I have noticed a huge drop in updates among my favs here at blogger... I hope it's only temporary. Even if I spend more time at KCL, I will still check out this place and post occassionaly. I hope my 101 followers will continue to visit me *wink*


  1. If I leave 101 comments to one of your posts, does that count? Glad things are going better for you at work, and that you weren't overwhelmed with piled up things while you were gone.

    When all these holidays come up over there, I sometimes wish I were still attending Parochial school. We always got those days off, too. lol. Hugs.

  2. Im not sure about moving to KLC. I think that I will just keep my blog here and just keep a nonblog account at KLC.

  3. I'm sticking with Blogger for now, but will likely open a KCL account if I think up a good user name.

    Let's hope the new guy is more easily trained, by you!

  4. I think that most people will head to KCL eventually - saw that you were in the top #10!

  5. Im happy that things are getting better at work.Give any dipshit enugh time and they will always sink to the bottom while good workers remain afloat!Glad you made it through all that!

  6. visit here, yes.

    When I read you I sometimes wonder what my employees think about me. But, in the last 10 years or so, no one has ever gotten upset with me...that I know of...except my boss.

  7. When they start thinking your ideas are their ideas, that means you have won!

  8. I hope this means that working won't be so stressful! Have a nice evening Dorrie. *hugs*